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TOPTopics > Balance sheet reduction Festival ★ 3/14 ~ PT2 times and time service in the target drink 290 yen uniform ! !

March Speaking of closing sale time! !
Also in our shop, with all your everyday thanks
It will be large, your service! !

★ [Ogon'ya all stores] and [Graces chicken]
\\ Balance sheet reduction Festival! Point granted twice! //
On March 14 to March 31
If you will use the Ogon'ya each store and graces chicken
Double points gift ♪

★ [Ogon'ya all stores]
\\ Balance sheet reduction Festival! Subject drinks 290 yen uniform! //
Target drink 290 yen in the time service!
The 17:00 to 19:00 of March 14 to March 31 in each store Ogon'ya
And time services,
Draft beer high ball soft drinks

All we offer at 290 yen uniform ♪

In addition the business hours in the gold shop Shibuya
And ahead of schedule than usual, because it will OPEN from 16:00,
1 hour generous amount of time service ♪

In a further golden ya Shinjuku, even lunch time
It will time service ♪
Certainly on this occasion, we have you use the Ogon'ya-Graces chicken,
Ogon'ya point app non-member customers Come deals member register your! !< /div>

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