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Zodiac 2016 is monkeys ( monkeys) . To all persons who visit us from New Year's Day (※) in Ogon-ya The gift featuring the zodiac a " good luck charm " ! (Please confirm from here since the beginning of the year of business start date will vary depending on each store ※) In Introducing the little bits of knowledge about the zodiac here. To begin with, "zodiac Zodiac" once in China Agricultural terminology was used as a calendar in performing the agricultural Meaning that represents the agricultural crops of the growth process in the 12 stage seems to have played a role as a calendar. The Zodiac is a legend in Japan during the Edo period, fitted the animal to be easy to understand even common people It is said that Zodiac has spread from there. The why, what was supposed to be the monkey is assigned a monkey? Monkey might mean that God of tricks in hieroglyphics representing the original is a letter "lightning" in the "thunder". In addition, the original monkey is reading "true", there is also the sense that it "extends" or "Mosu". Is a lucky character in such a sacred to the "monkey" is From the fact that the disease or bad thing is there is a "leave" power, It is said he was supposed to be "leave = monkey" is assigned. Tips of the little roundabout monkey year, what was the how?

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