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The October 31 "Halloween"! We've been a quite familiar autumn event in Japan in the last few years, Originally it seems to have been event falls on New Year's Eve for the ancient Celts. The end of the ancient Celts of one year in the October 31, This evening is meant the end of summer, is also the beginning of winter, It is said the spirit of the dead were believed to come to visit the family. And it suffered a mask to protect themselves from harmful spirits and witch appearing at that time, It seems to have been in Thailand a bonfire of the amulet. In English-speaking countries, on the night of October 31 in honor in this legend To make a candle in that hollowed out the pumpkin to make a "jack-o'-lantern" Children who have fancy dress to witches and ghosts are visited one by one house a nearby house Cast as a "trick-or-Treat (!'ll Be mischief that it is not me candy)" It seems went changed to fun events.By the way , it is with may be the mischief of retaliation if that did not give me sweets . Chinami to such unusual autumn event " Halloween " , In Ogon-ya tomorrow October 9 from ( Friday) to October 31 ( Sat) The Get the cute Halloween candy for those capped visit us ! Also it will gift not referred to as a " trick -or- Treat ! " ! Please spend a fun night! ※ first-come-first-served basis , and will be limited quantities . [ Gift period ] October 9, 2015 (Friday ) - October 31, 2015 until Saturday,

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