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Reservation SHINJUKU restaurant

You can make Reservation from the Internet
※This is the reservation format for SHINJUKU restaurant.
Please note not to make a mistake for the reservation format of destination for each shop.
≫Please make sure to return to the previous restaurant web page.

※I will make a conformation call to the customer
after receiving an email, to make sure of the reservations.Please note that if you have not complete the reservation form by mail, the transmission time will not be accepted.

※Please note on the reservation day
if the restaurant is congested, you can only get two hours for banquet time.
※When you set the reception
of your email for unwanted e-mail prevention, please cancel the setting beforehand or, please set the domain designated below.
Reservation restaurant
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◆Business hours◆

●From October to the end of March
[From Monday to Thursday, Sunday and holidays]
[Friday and Saturday, and days before holidays]
●From April to the end of September
[all day]
Contents for Reservations details*

◆Plans for various banquets◆

  • ※I will accept from two or more persons.
  • ※Banquet time is two hours.
  • ※When you pay ¥1,000 (w/o tax)
      you can get one hour drinking extended time.
      (There are times when it can not be utilized if there is congestion.)
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Shop info and Reservations


All seats private room. Relax in the sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent today's back alleys.


During business until the next 4:00. You can enough charm you in your use of the after-party.

KOGANEYA Futagotamagawa

And we offer the seats of various types, Families with children are also welcome.

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